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Sea Change – a microscopic journey along the south coast of England

This piece is a poetic film, exploring place through a close encounter with the shifting sands and microscopic remnants of sea creatures that are cast up on the shore.

More mooching and art related activities

11391732_1635419340028632_5508935775636746828_nToday I walked from Greystones to Bray, very beautiful walk and an easy path to walk along!

10277416_1635419393361960_3648194566759574214_nAs you can see, the views are terrific. I also saw a Falcon being chased off by Seagulls, pretty amazing!

And below are some still’s from the moving image I am working on.

FS4 (8 of 1)FS7 (8 of 1)
FS1 (8 of 1)