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It’s an Ants life

I have no idea what these ants were doing, but they sure looked busy!




Return of the bees

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 14.53.42Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 14.54.27


Love watching these burrowing bees. They take over my garden for a bit. So glad that they come back every year, with the numbers declining it’s nice to know that they are still around.

Minerva Cuevas – Social Entomology

Minerva Cuevas’ work explores how images play a role in the construction of reality, through the use of science and observing daily transformations.

Minerva Cuevas’ work Social Entomology is an installation, which consists of the following elements:
• Five microscope projectors with specimen slides
• Magic lantern slides
• Postcards
• Six tables with research material
• Publications
• Vintage insecticide spray pumps
• Magnifying glass
• Microscope and insects

For me her work conjures up a time in history, when explorers of the 1800’s went out to document the natural wonders. The set up of the installation encourages the viewer to look through microscopes and magnifying glasses, even the use of the insecticide pump sets the scene for exploration.


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