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I’ve been a bit quiet on here, over the 9 months I’ve been struggling with M.E. So my photography has been a struggle to keep up. I now time myself when I feel able to do something creative, so it doesn’t wipe me out!

Anyway found these seed heads in the garden, it’s amazing to see something decomposing. So fragile and the detail is so interesting!

I guess in a way, it’s a representation of how I have been feeling with my illness.





A few months ago, I was part of an exhibition on an island in Greece. During a discussion with fellow artists, one said I shouldn’t mix my art with my interior designs. 

I kind of know where they are coming from, but if it looks good printed onto fabric or home accessories then go for it. Everything has a link creatively, be it style or subject matter.

Anyway  I used a photograph (which goes with one of my short films Sea Change) which I got printed onto a bowl, the round microscope shape had me intrigued with how it would look. And guess what it works!