The start of my final project….no pressure!

The narrative of my final piece is the mythology of the flora and fauna of Ireland, so I have travelled to the Emerald Isle for a few weeks. I have set to work, today I walked along the Royal Canal Way in Dublin. It’s amazing how wildlife can live alongside such a built up industrial area.

11390164_1635086650061901_1708174667013301535_n 11111629_1635086663395233_4583753275365538081_n 10369738_1635086633395236_4898189791227725138_nI didn’t walk the full length, knowing one had to get back….but I did do a good 6 miles!

Anyho this is what I have come up with, still image wise…FP6 (8 of 1) FP7 (8 of 1) FP4 (8 of 1) FP5 (8 of 1) FP2 (8 of 1)


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